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Hire Offshore Recruiters

When you hire offshore recruiters with Nestack, you always get the best recruiters for you. The Nestack offshore development center is a virtual extension of the client’s onshore recruitment center. You can reduce your manpower costs by approximately 50% just by hiring dedicated offshore recruiters at Nestack.

Offshore recruiters work in your time zone.

You don’t need to worry about time zone or geographical boundaries affecting the progress or implementation. Nestack is an efficient outsource partner that works with the time zone you’re in. When you hire a dedicated offshore recruiter with Nestack, your hardware and office infrastructures are already in place.

Hiring stages to suit your hiring process

Add and remove hiring stages from your recruitment process, as per your job’s requirements. Every client jobs can have its own hiring workflow. Nestack always work hard to understand the needs of each client. We provide a world-class facility with a good work environment staffed by a highly qualified and talented team with institute-proven processes and reporting structures.

Monthly recruiter health report

Get a monthly overview of recruiter calls. This will help track recruiter performance, and also understand call volume trend. A Recruiter health report will show you the total calls – answered, missed, abandoned, callbacks, sent to voicemail, etc.

Offshore Recruiters

Tool to optimize recruiter productivity

We will show you how many calls are being answered by your recruiter, their time they spend in after-call work. By looking at these metrics you’ll be able to optimize the productivity of your recruiter and also appreciate them for their good work.

Hire Offshore Recruiters

Get Local phone numbers

Local phone numbers allow you to provide a localized experience to your callers. You can hire a recruiter from us and still maintain a local presence for your customers. Local phone numbers make you more approachable.

Set Custom messages/ greetings

Set Custom messages/ greeting for phone numbers allocated. Custom messages that assure the caller that their call will be answer soon. Use this opportunity to customize hold, queue, or wait time music to showcase new services, or announcements.

Phone system in Recruiter pocket

Having to wait to pull out your laptop or rush to your workplace to connect with a customer has often been annoying and a prick to an otherwise productive day. Our recruiters will never miss out on a call anymore with the Android and iOS app.

Candidate 360 monthly report

Everything you need to know about a candidate – resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes – in one place.

Route your calls and design your call flows.

A call queue is nothing but a setup to line up your incoming calls so that the next-available recruiter can answer them. (let’s say, your recruitment support team) will be associated with a call queue. let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your recruiting support team.

Offshore Recruiters in India

After-Business-hours routing

After-Business-hours routing to send calls to your fallback options like voicemail, once your office hours are over.

Hire Offshore Recruiters

Video interviews with Skype & Google Hangouts

Our recruiters can evaluate all potential candidates using Skype & Googlehangouts, We will organise and schedule your sessions so that you can Evaluate better before the final interview.

Monthly Scheduled interviews report

Track all Scheduled interviews efficiently with Google Calendar, you can access interview schedules to help you plan interviews better.

Reduce Manpower Cost & Infrastructure Cost

You can reduce your manpower costs by approximately 50% just by hiring dedicated offshore recruiters at Nestack offshore development center in India. The Nestack office environment contains all of the necessary facilities such as computers, scanners, printers, fax machines, phone lines, and so on.

Ramp Up Quickly

Using Nestack’s elite recruiters, you can immediately access an expert-level performance-based offshore virtual recruiter. Nestack’s offshore recruitment process outsourcing makes sure that you get exactly what you need when it comes to IT staffing while also ensuring that you get all the advantages of long-term solutions.

Night Search Offshore Recruiters Team

A dedicated resume sourcer who works alongside your internal team, finding resumes for assigned requisitions and sending them to your team by the next day.

Bench Sales Recruiters

With an expert knowledge and understanding of marketing your bench candidates and supporting you to get candidates placed as soon as a given project is completed.

Recruiter behavior activity reports

Get recruiter monthly Behavior Analytics for employee training, to monitor productivity and use results for process optimization with the ultimate goal to increase productivity. Get monthly gap analysis and process improvement reports.

Recruiter behavior activity reports

Recruiter web activity reports

We track what websites recruiters visit and allow or block the URLs against a list of white/blacklisted sites. Define which apps and websites you consider productive and get in-depth reports on how your recruiter utilize them.

Recruiter web activity reports

Dedicated Offshore Recruiters

Can I visit your offshore center in India?
Yes, absolutely. You can visit Nestack anytime.
Do your dedicated Recruiters sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, the security requirements of clients are the top priority at Nestack. Upon selection by the client, all professionals are contractually bound to protect customer confidentiality.

How do I communicate with my dedicated Recruiters ?

Although teams may be geographically distributed, daily stand-up meetings help to achieve better performance. The preferred methods of communication are telephone, email, and Slack, MSN, or Skype chat.

How many hours per week does a dedicated Recruiters work?

The dedicated recruiters at Nestack work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. They always work in your time zone. Nestack has professionals to support the US and all other continents.

RPO Services

Are there any start-up or maintenance costs or taxes?

There are no hidden or extra costs when you Hire a Recruiter at Nestack. Contact us for Recruiter monthly cost.

How secure are my commercials?

Nestack provide recruiters with a secure development environment with firewall, password, and encryption protection. It is virtually impossible to gain unauthorized access to any sensitive data or commercial secrets.

Which mode of payment is preferred?

Payments are generally made through bank wire transfers & Paypal.

Will nestack sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. The Nestack Technologies is committed to protecting your confidentiality.

Hire Offshore Recruiters?

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