Agile Sharepoint Development

sharepoint development

Sharepoint Development

By agile sharepoint development at Nestack knowledge sharing became easy, making the team more productive and increased speed of deliveries. Special attention is given to Documentation and test plan preparation.

Quality Process Agile Nestack Tailored Agile Process
Requirement Management Project/Sprint Backlog Project Backlog refinement,
Intake Kick off meeting,
Review and approval of requirements,User stories.
Project Planning Sprint Planning Sprint / EPIC / Stories Planning,
Standardization of estimation model
and Testing
Sprint Code Review Checklist,
Test cases,
Test Scenarios,
Performance Test Report,
Summary Test Report,
Testing Metrics,
Coding Metrics
Project Monitoring
and Control
Daily Huddle meetings Daily huddle Meeting,
Project Dashboards,
Burndown charts,
Sprint closure meeting
Quality Management No Audits Regular Audits by quality auditor using standard audit checklist,
Corrective Action / Preventive Action,
Internal Quality Audit Check List,
Process Improvement Plan,
QA Review Log
Configuration Management Configuration tools Configuration tools
and Analysis
Measurements as per project dashboard. Standardized few measurements across the Sprints maintained in standard contract dashboard,
Velocity Ratio,
Story Acceptance Ratio,
Story Completion Ratio,
Risk and Issue Management Risk management at early phase Risk Log Template,
Issue Log Template
Decision Analysis
and Resolution
  Structured Decision making process,
Decision Analysis & Resolution report
Requirement Development User Stories User Stories,
Detailed use case documents – elaborating requirements of each story.
Technical Solution Decision on tooling Decided at the beginning of the project
Product Integration Continuous Integration Continuous Integration
Verification Pair Programming Peer Review,
Peer testing,
Sonar Dashboard
Validation Automated Testing QTP
Organization Training Agile clubs, Agile coaches Continuous Agile training program,
Tracking training using Learning Management system.
Business Development   Customer Satisfaction Index
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