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When you outsource delphi development to Nestack, Our delphi programmers works to create programs which can run on any platform like Windows, os x, ios, android and linux.

Delphi Development Delphi Development
Delphi Development

Outsource Delphi Development

Delphi® 10.2 Professional is the most powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform Native App Development with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Delphi is your choice for ultrafast Enterprise Strong Development™.

– RAD Studio 10.2 allows developers to build cross-platform native applications faster than ever before for the biggest possible audience. This is the mantra at the core of Delphi builds.

– RAD Studio 10.2 includes the very first RAD Studio Linux compiler and improved IDE menus to let you navigate more quickly. It also features several new FireMonkey updates and features, new TDataSet capability, multi-tenancy support in RAD Server, updates to FireDAC, several RTL enhancements, strongly improved compiled C++ performance, and improvements in SOAP support.

– RAD Studio 10.2 is a follow-up to the 10.1.2 release which introduced the first IDE ever to allow developers on Windows 32- and 64-bit to access the Windows store through the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge. This expands AppStore support into macOS, Android, and Windows stores.

– Adds mobile development support to Professional Edition (previously only available in Enterprise and Architect or as an additional purchase), enhancements to our core visual frameworks, including better High DPI support for VCL and quality improvements for FireMonkey (FMX), expanded RAD Server support for Ext JS and more!

Your data on linux

With Linux, you can easily connect to MySQL, Advantage Database Server, InterBase, Sybase ASA, IBM DB2, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, PostreSQL, SQLite, and Teradata. And you never have to worry about your data when you’re using Linux. The latest release of Linux’s award-winning SQL database, InterBase 2017, has a home that makes use of server-wide monitoring. There are also a host of new language features such as derived tables and common table expressions in a secure, well-established, and state-of-the-art Linux citizen.

Improved database capabilities

– New MariaDB support (v5.5)
– MySQL support for v5.7
– Firebird support for Direct I/O
– New GUID access for TField
– Use BLOBS streaming to reduce memory usage on the client side
– VCL TDBImage direct support for JPEG and PNG graphic formats
– TFDMemTable design time dataset editor creates data for runtime use

Rad server support

– You can now support multiple isolated tenants with a single RAD Server instance with a single RAD Server database connection
– Every tenant has a unique set of RAD Server tools which include Groups, Users, Installations, Edge Modules, and other data
– There is tenant administration so you can create new tenants, edit current tenants, and add, edit, or delete tenants.

IDE enhancements

– Improved IDE menus for faster navigation
– Wide array of VCL Improved High DPI support
– Delphi command line compilers enabled for large-memory-address
– Improved Azure and AWS support with updated APIs
– Latest iOS and macOS debugging and simulator support

Delphi linux compiler

The RAD Studio IDE now comprises its first LLVM-based Linux compiler for use with Enterprise development. This should enable developers using Delphi to actively target 64-bit Intel Linux devices and servers. The Delphi Linux Compiler is built on top of the LLVM engine and is certified for Ubuntu Server (LTS 16.04) and RedHat Enterprise (V7). One based strings are utilized by default in order to ensure compatibility with code written for Windows Server, and there is ARC enablement so that memory is always well-managed when you outsource a project for Delphi. The new Linux compiler includes features such as:
– Full file system support
– Parallel programming library and threads
– FireDAC database access support for most Linux compatible databases
– WebBroker, DataSnap, and EMS (RAD Server)
– DUnitX

Firemonkey improvements

– Multi-threading support for TBitmap, TCanvas, and TContext3D
– Faster Android UI’s with enhanced thread support
– Enhanced management over user interaction for TMultiView
– Use new TForm properties to change the SystemStatusBar Color on iOS
– New FMX styles for macOS and Android help make your apps look fantastic

New for c++

– Huge improvements to compiled C++ performance, debugging, and large memory support for the linker
– Clang-enhanced Win32 and Win64 compilers support -O3, a strong optimization level which may double the performance of compiled code in certain situations
– Better codegen for -O1 and -O2 optimizations in Clang-enhanced compilers
– Clang-enhanced Win32 compiler supports generating debug info referencing external types, helping to reduce the size of generated debug information when referring to common
shared types such as VCL types, significantly shrinking the size of generated debug data
– Packages on iOS and Android, which are statically linked, are built with the correct .a extension instead of .so
– C++ Android applications can be built without requiring specific versions of the NDK

Cross platform RTL

– New SynchronizeEvents property for TTetheringManager and TTetheringProfile can control event synchronization with the main thread
– New MD5 and SHA1 hash function offers support for files and streams
– AppTethering Log Filtering and SynchronizeEvents provides smooth main thread synchronization

Delphi updates and features

Linux and Database Connectivity

The initial content highlights Linux's robust support for numerous databases, including the introduction of InterBase 2017 with new language features and server-wide monitoring. Delphi continues to excel in database connectivity, with the latest versions enhancing support for major databases, ensuring developers can seamlessly integrate their applications with various data sources.

Multiline string literals

Multiline string literals in Delphi enhance text handling, simplifying code readability and development for complex string operations.

Skia support in FireMonkey

Skia in FireMonkey boosts graphics/UI rendering quality and performance on all platforms.


FireDAC QBE simplifies data filtering, and a new JSON wizard streamlines data mapping, enhancing database interaction efficiency.

Latest OS Support

Support for modern iOS, Android, macOS, Ubuntu, and Windows Server versions ensures app compatibility across the latest platforms.

Mobile Biometric Authentication

Mobile biometric authentication component Adds a biometric authentication feature to FireMonkey for secure access via fingerprints or face recognition in mobile apps.

InterBase 2020 Update 4 Developer edition

InterBase 2020 Update 4 Developer edition improves support for embedded databases in applications.

LLDB-based debugger

Introduced an LLDB-based debugger for macOS Intel and 32-bit Android, standardizing non-Windows debuggers on LLDB for enhanced debugging capabilities.

IDE, VCL, and FireMonkey Improvements

Delphi and RAD Studio IDEs are updated for high-DPI and 4K support, enhancing UI clarity and design. VCL and FireMonkey improvements boost modern UI and cross-platform app performance.

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