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At Nestack our python software development team will use python open-source framework for automating software build, test, and release processes.

Python Development Python Development
Python Development


Roundup is a simplistic and highly usable issue-tracking system for command-line, e-mail, and web interfaces. It’s easy to use and install and is based on the Ka-Ping Yee design which won the Software Carpentry “Track” competition. The most current stable version is Roundup 1.5.x which comes along with a well-established feature set. You can see the design overview or documentation for more information. Roundup has been previously deployed to assist with:
– bug tracking and TODO list management (the classic installation)
– customer helpdesk support (including a wizard for phone answerers which links to networking, system, and development issue trackers)
– sales lead tracking
– conference paper submission and management of double-blind referees
– issue management for IETF working groups
– weblogging (almost!)

Buildbot in python software development

Buildbot is an open-source framework that is easily utilized for the automation of software building, testing, and releasing processes. All aspects of the broader software development cycle can be automated with Buildbot. It offers continuous integration, deployment, and release management, as well as automating any other processes you can think of. It lets you implement systems which will suit your workflow while scaling up as your organization grows. It supports well-distributed parallel execution of tasks that span numerous platforms, flexible integration with version-control systems, extensive status reporting, and even more.


Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue-tracking system that functions well with software development projects. It’s a simple framework which attempts to make it easier for developers to write useful software while remaining in the background. As such, it doesn’t impose on a software development team’s established development process or policies.

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