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Python Coders (Scientific & Numeric)

Python Coders at Nestack Technologies use python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. It offers a brilliantly rich architecture for helpful interactive computing.


Pandas is the Python Data Analysis Library which offers high-performance and easily usable data structure and analysis tools for Python. This open-source BSD-licensed library is a project sponsored by NUMFocus which ensures development success. You can donate to the pandas project to help keep it going as a world-class open-source development project.


IPython offers a brilliantly rich architecture for helpful interactive computing that comes with: – A kernel for Jupyter
– A highly powerful interactive shell
– Easy, high-performing tools for parallel computing
– Support for interactive data visualization and GUI toolkits
– Embeddable interpreters to load onto your own projects


Scipy is a useful software for use in science, mathematics, and engineering. It’s an open-source Python-based ecosystem.

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