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Case Studies Delphi Financial

An accounting system developed by Nestack will offer you a one-stop shop for all of your accounting needs. An accounting system app can include all the functionality you need to handle financial business in a way that is effective, trustworthy, and improves your productivity.

These accounting software systems offer you robust write-up and payroll processing capabilities, integrated bank reconciliation, data transfer, depreciation, and state unemployment tax modules.

You can also easily prepare 1099 and W-2 forms via the Information Return System and electronically file forms like SUTAs, 941, and 940 to the IRS.

A good accounting system will keep you on top of these aspects of your business to let you grow and change effectively without dropping the ball on the day-to-day necessities. They streamline the process of managing payments, payment reminders, invoices, cash flow, and more.

Whatever industry you’re in, a good accounting software system will help you to heighten your business and reduce time and cost waste all in one go. Nestack have a highly experienced team of qualified Delphi programmers helping numerous customers to develop effective products which range from simple databases to high-end networking-based server applications.

Platform: Delphi 7.0
Database: MS SQL Server 2000
Operating System: Windows
Industry: Financial, Multi-industry

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