VMS Recruiters

Our expertise in the VMS model allows clients to effectively navigate its complexities.

VMS Recruiters

Nestack recruiters are trained and experienced in working with various online VMS portals.

Specialized Recruiters

Nestack's specialized recruiters offer expertise at a lower cost than on-site recruiters, balancing the cost-profit equation in your favor for VMS recruitment

Expertise with Vendor Management Tools

Nestack recruiters have the expertise to work with a range of Vendor Management Tools, including Beeline, Artemis, SAP FieldGlass, and others.

Meeting SLA Goals

Nestack has a proven ability to meet SLA goals such as submittal response time, retention/project completion, and interview to placement ratios.

Submittal Response Time

Nestack ensures timely responses to job submittals, maintaining efficiency in the recruitment process.

Retention/Project Completion

Nestack focuses on retaining talent and ensuring project completion, contributing to client satisfaction.

Interview to Placement Ratios

Nestack maintains high interview to placement ratios, indicating effective candidate selection and matching.

Orders Received to Placement Ratios

Nestack excels in converting received orders into successful placements, showcasing their recruitment efficiency.

Interview to Submit Ratios

Nestack ensures a high ratio of interviews to submissions, indicating a targeted and precise candidate selection process.

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