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Nestack VMS Recruiters leverage VMS system to make high-volume, efficient recruitment fast and easy. This gives you the best talent exactly when you want them. The teams of virtual offshore recruiters at Nestack know all about the VMS model.

Hire VMS recruiters

Vendor management system is a relatively new phenomenon which is fast-growing, particularly in larger organizations. VMS is a software solution which allocates job requirements to staffing companies, consulting companies, independent consultants, and recruiters. VMS makes the process of interviewing and hiring employees simpler. VMS can be challenging for staffing companies, as they have little contact with hiring managers, making it difficult for them to figure out specific needs. Nestack help their clients overcome these issues for the best possible outcomes. The specialized recruiters at Nestack are less expensive than on-site recruiters so you get more expertise, thus balancing the cost versus profit equation in a way that favors you in VMS.

Nestack recruiters are trained and experienced enough to work with various online VMS portals. There’s no extra training required, and you don’t need to spend time and money waiting for new knowledge. Nestack can start on the very same day that you agree to work together. With respect to Vendor Management Tools, Nestack’s recruitments have all the necessary expertise to work with:
– Beeline
– Artemis
– SAP FieldGlass
– Clarity
– Peoplefluent
– IQNavigator
– DCR Workforce

VMS services

Nestack leverage VMS programs to make high-volume, efficient recruitment fast and easy. This gives you the best talent exactly when you want them. Nestack has proven ability to meet SLA goals such as:
– Submittal response time
– Retention/project completion
– Interview to placement ratios
– Orders received to placement ratios
– Interview to submit ratios

Nestack can offer you a huge volume of resources which other agencies and job boards don’t have easy access to. Our VMS services stand apart from others due to the prominence of proven positive results. Nestack recruiters have a deep, extensive understanding of the VMS model. The core of this model is high volume, low margins, and a quick turnaround. This makes it an ideal option for outsourcing, and indeed, many Nestack clients have utilized them specifically to handle VMS.

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