RPO Services

Nestack provides highly effective RPO programs that integrate seamlessly with US-based organizations. The RPO team at Nestack will complement your existing HR management team perfectly.


RPO Approach

Nestack's extensive market knowledge across various sectors makes them the ideal outsourcing partner for your IT RPO needs.

Measurable Results

Nestack employs a data-driven approach to recruitment, utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure transparency and accountability. This results in clear, quantifiable outcomes that align with your business objectives.

Lower Costs and Shared Risk

By partnering with Nestack, you can enjoy a flexible pricing model that adapts to your evolving needs, reducing overheads and operational expenses. The shared risk model ensures that Nestack is equally invested in the success of your recruitment process.


Nestack's global presence and standardized processes ensure that your brand is consistently represented across all locations. This uniform approach enhances your company's image and ensures a cohesive recruitment strategy worldwide.

Elite Talent

With a global network and a high-touch recruitment approach, Nestack attracts top-tier candidates from around the world. This access to elite talent pools ensures that you have the best candidates to drive your business forward.


Nestack stays abreast of the latest industry and governance regulations, ensuring that your recruitment processes are fully compliant. This mitigates legal risks and maintains the integrity of your recruitment operations.

Reduced Time-to-Fill

Nestack employs multi-tiered sourcing strategies and leverages its extensive network to expedite the recruitment process. This results in a faster time-to-fill, minimizing disruptions and maintaining productivity.


By streamlining recruiting functions across different regions and business units, Nestack ensures consistency in your hiring process. This harmonized approach leads to a more efficient and effective recruitment strategy.


Nestack utilizes advanced assessment and interview techniques to identify the best candidates. This focus on quality ensures that you not only fill positions but do so with individuals who are well-suited to your company's culture and goals.

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Hire Offshore Recruiters

Hire Nestack's offshore recruiters to expand your recruitment center and cut manpower costs by up to 50%.

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