kernel development

Kernel Development

For embedded solutions we develop high-tech device drivers using Kernel development. This same kernel-level development lets us produce low-level hardware drivers for devices on the iOS, Android, Win CE, or Linux platforms. Nestack’s programmers are experts in Windows Kernel development and Linux Kernel development.

Device Driver Programming

Bridge the gap between OS and hardware for the best outcomes. Enable your operating system and hardware to share information effortlessly. Nestack promises a top-notch product, whether it’s kernel-level development for embedded systems or interfacing peripherals. Don’t get overwhelmed by the complicated process of Linux device driver programming & windows device driver programming for highly integrated microcontrollers. We have the Kernel level programming expertise to meet your needs, including advanced product design, research, and development.

offshore Kernel Development

Nestack’s Kernel developers have created high-tech device drivers used for interfacing peripherals, including cameras, audio devices, mouse, network connectivity, Pointing Device, Keyboard, Display, Audio Devices, Motor Controllers, Storage, Touch Controllers and PCMCIA cards. Our Kernel programmers have unmatched experience in kernel driver development and know-how to develop next-gen drivers, using complex architecture of iOS, Android, or Mac and Win CE embedded Operating systems. With Nestack Technologies you can program device drivers using Linux kernel development and Windows kernel development services.

Audio and Multimedia Driver Programming

Nestack have extensive experience in audio and multimedia driver development Our team has developed WDM audio drivers and interface support. Even with the complex nature of Linux’s sound architecture, we make the most of device support for Linux Driver Development. Our revolutionary mindset allows us to give you cutting-edge technology for audio application for PC, embedded platforms and wearable Audio.

Communication Drivers

We have extensive expertise with all kinds of smartphones, laptops, PCs, and custom-made devices. Developing driver solutions for modems, Bluetooth, IEEE1394, PCIe, SPI, and UART. Our Communication Driver’s development support iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Ensuring that our driver solutions work for ethernet, serial, and special communication card interfaces.

Linux Driver programming

Nestack specializes in optimized Driver development. Our developers handle the entire process from conception to testing. Nestack specializes in Linux Kernel storage drivers to Linux network drivers.

USB Device Driver programming

We can develop state-of-art USB device driver with iOS device driver development, Android device driver development, Mac device driver development, Linux device driver development, and Windows device driver development. Our team’s expertise in kernel-mode drivers, debugging custom drivers. Our processes including strict coding guidelines and quality checks.

Storage Driver

Our programmers ability to deliver class in controller command sets and I/O interfaces include MMC, eMMC, NAND Flash, EEPROM, NVHMCI, SAN, NAS, SSD. We are experts in storage drivers, highly proficient in interfacing and setting up with various storage file system drivers. Our storage drivers perform with the highest quality on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Printer Driver

Nestack’s talented team will facilitate communication between your computer and printer with our top-notch printer drivers development. Our engineers will make sure that print job is well translated to the printer’s format.

PCI and PCIe and PCI-X

Nestack engineers use the potential of PCI for embedded applications. Our developers can create complex control panel applications using PCI to maximize communications quality. Nestack engineers improves signal integrity by lessening the routing issues utilizing PCIe deployment of the peripheral device, chip-to-chip interfaces and interconnect and motherboard designs.

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