Permanent Staffing Recruiters

Nestack provides a team of virtual offshore recruiters for permanent staffing, utilizing best practices to meet your staffing needs.

it staffing
it staffing

Permanent Staffing Recruiters

Nestack offers a permanent recruitment solution with proven expertise in sourcing and qualifying candidates for permanent roles.

Dedicated Virtual Team

Nestack provides a dedicated team of virtual offshore permanent staffing recruiters to address your staffing needs efficiently.

Comprehensive Recruitment Strategies

Utilize a range of strategies including database search, Boolean methods, referral search, and executive search to identify the best talent.

Importance of Permanent Staffing

Recognize the significance of having dedicated, high-quality permanent staff for long-term success and stability.

Comprehensive Evaluation Process

Conduct thorough evaluations through resume screening, phone interviews, and coordinating technical and non-technical interviews.

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding

Assist in negotiating offers, coordinating offer letters, and ensuring HR receives all relevant paperwork for a smooth onboarding process.

Proactive Candidate Sourcing

Undertake cold calls and search various databases to find new candidates and maintain an active pool of potential hires.

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