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Catering Management System

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Nestack built a catering management system to allow for more efficient business operations for caterers. It was designed with an eye to allowing growth and a high level of quality for clients.

Catering requires a high level of organization and a good understanding of dynamic workflow, so this Java web application was built to take catering workflow modes into account.


• The kitchen
• Sales
• Equipment maintenance
• Event scheduling
• Preparation scheduling
• Stock
• Billing
• Transport
• Accounting

The catering management system includes a menu with various options for further navigation. These include areas for transactions, reporting, search, and leaving the application. It also stores information about stock, clients, employees, and suppliers which can all be easily called up.

This makes it incredibly simple to keep track of events and ensure that there is always enough manpower, stock, transport, and time available for a given catering event. It also helps with the process of billing and payments by containing modules for generating invoices for clients and salary slips for employees, suppliers, and more.

It is also possible to use this Java outsource system to generate reports regarding invoices, salaries, orders, and growth. This makes it easy for the catering business to manage their administration while enabling growth.

Nestack have a Java development team who show the dedication and expertise necessary to tackle every project. These workers are qualified and experienced to offer excellent offshore Java development services to every Nestack client.

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