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Duo magna vocibus electram ad. Sit an amet aeque legimus, paulo mnesarchum et mea, et pri quodsi singulis.



Duo magna vocibus electram ad. Sit an amet aeque legimus, paulo mnesarchum et mea, et pri quodsi singulis.

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Coldfusion Programming for Large-Scale Enterprise

The latest Adobe ColdFusion release offers features which make state-of-the-art performance, scalability, and security central to large-scale enterprise deployment of web apps. This latest ColdFusion version continues offering features which work alongside other enterprise technologies to make ColdFusion an excellent hub for enterprise.

Security Code Analyzer

The 2016 ColdFusion release includes an inbuilt security analyzer which has the power to scan even the largest ColdFusion builds with massive amounts of code in order to recognize any security vulnerabilities in the code. When you need to maintain a large base of code over a long period of time, this can be incredibly helpful. You can garner a detailed report for specific ColdFusion Builder folders, files, and whole projects simply by scanning with ColdFusion Builder 2016, which is fully supported by the ColdFusion 2016 server. This security analysis will cover all of the main CFML code security vulnerabilities. It even notes the specific line number which you can then jump to, as well as the specific details of the vulnerability and potential ways for you to solve the vulnerability to make it more secure.

Security Enhancements

The 2016 ColdFusion release newly supports Microsoft's NTLM authentification. It does this on CFOBJECT, CFINVOKE, and CFSHAREPOINT tags. Just like that, the sharepoint integration feature set of ColdFusion is newly usable with NTLM authentication as simple web services authentication enabled via NTLM authentication.

PDF Archival

The 2016 release of ColdFusion newly supports PDF/A-2b standards for archiving PDFs, which are archived to let PDFs become self-contained documents which will easily be opened by any later versions of Acrobat Reader without encountering any problems.

Performance Improvements with Coldfusion Programming

The 2016 ColdFusion release offers a wide range of performance improvements to the runtime. These enhancements include array access, scope search, and cached queries, and will allow your existing applications to run up to 30% faster when you upgrade them to ColdFusion 2016.

PDF Redaction

You can now redact PDFs using the CFPDF tag. Redaction makes secure information invisible to non-authorized users, so your documentation is even more secure. Given specific co-ordinates for a PDF, the content within those co-ordinates will be redacted to make that specific content invisible in the PDF file.

PDF Sanitization

You can also make use of a new action known as sanitize thanks to the CFPDF tag. Sanitizing a PDF makes sure that sensitive information (which may be specific to an organization) that is embedded in metadata, JavaScript, or other sensitive portions of the PDF is not shared with the audience. A sanitized PDF can be shared with individuals outside of an organization without worries about it unintentionally sharing sensitive information.

API Management Platform for Enterprise

The API Manager in the 2016 ColdFusion release is easily scalable so it can reach whichever level of enterprise deployment you need. ColdFusion 2016 has been tested with respect to high scalability and low latency over varying loads. You can also set up API Manager as a cluster to let you reach high scalability. It acts as a load balancer which can let you configure the way that you want end point URLs of APIs to be hit. Multiple endpoint After you've configured multiple endpoint URLs, you can easily select either a round-robin or weighted round-robin algorithm to access your endpoints. Your built-in data and alaytics stores can be tuned even more specifically to meet your performance and scalability needs.

SOAP Gateway

The benefits of API Manager can equally be applied to SOAP APIs. These SOAP APIs can be quickly and easily imported onto API Manager once you've provided the WSDL file. When they've been imported, the access control mechanism, SLAs, and caching can all easily be configured thanks to the API Manager's simple user interface.

Connector Enhancements

The ColdFusion 2016 release doesn't need manually reconfigured connectors once you've applied updates or hot fixes to the connectors. It's easy for you to configure custom connector settings for any individual site from the ColdFusion server.

Other PDF Enhancements

You can systematically attach and extract attachments to PDF files using the new ColdFusion 2016 version. Comments on PDF files can be exported onto XFDF files, and you can do the same thing in the opposite direction. You can also export PDF metadata to an XMP file, or vice versa, to ensure that you have standard metadata on all PDFs produced by your organization. You can even apply stamps to your PDF files by choosing a predefined stamp or creating your own.

External Storage for Session Scope

ColdFusion 2016 provides storage for the session scope in a distributed external cache. This directly affects the scalability of ColdFusion 2016, meaning that all information about users is stored in a session even when a significant amount of users are accessing ColdFusion at the same time.

API Caching

The API Manager in the 2016 ColdFusion release lets you organize caching for your APIs to achieve increased throughput at lessened response times. This cache is fully configurable through the administrator portal. This allows for caching to be set up at individual methods of an API simply by enabling caching for the given method.

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