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Debt collection software needs to be able to store a variety of forms of important confidential information from your clients. After all, they give you privileged information about debtors in multiple formats, such as .txt and .csv, with an understanding that this information will remain confidential. It is critical that you have strong debt collection software to manage this information.

Debt collection software developed by Nestack is putting together various high-security tools to import various file types containing debtor informations.

With this software, you can even offer your employees an automated way to call the debtor and arrange payments. In fact, you can send automated SMS messages to debtors too via these handy debt collection software systems. They can also create daily reports to be automatically sent to clients via email concerning the various payment statuses of different debtors.

These reports can be brilliantly complex, offering you Excel spreadsheets with information about the progress of debt collection, your daily targets, ongoing achievements, and more.

With the help of Delphi, Nestack developed a debt collection software that let you view the progress of your debts, create and send reports, and more. This debt collection software is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types – if you have debtors, this form of software can help you.

From the largest businesses to small independent freelancers, debt collection software can help you to send reminders for overdue invoices, manage your debt collection process, and use SMS messages and phone calls to follow up with your debtors.

Delphi XE7 is utilized to create a mobile application for collecting from debtors and offering instant bill payment options. These applications are developed on the basis of client-server architectures, with MS SQL Sever 2000 functioning as the backend.

Nestack have a highly experienced team of qualified Delphi programmers helping numerous customers to develop effective products which range from simple databases to high-end networking-based server applications.

Platform: Delphi XE2, Delphi XE7
Database: MS SQL Server 2000
Operating System: Windows
Industry: Financial

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