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Fingerprint Matching System

Case Studies Java Security

Fingerprint matching system was created for police departments in order to help them identify criminals based on previous records while maintain and updating records using fingerprint matches. The fingerprint matching system worked on a local network with the ability to generate reports in order to cross-check information.

New fingerprints are entered for comparison against stored fingerprint patterns to see whether any of them match, producing a matching status report.

Police can use a mobile application to take the fingerprint of a suspect, inputting it to the system and triggering a result which is then sent back to the mobile device of the police official.

This makes it quick and easy to take fingerprints without losing accuracy – the matching score, or overall accuracy, of this system was 97%.

Nestack helped to revolutionize police protocols. This is just one of many fantastic examples of the Java development team at Nestack working to create systems that are highly usable, customizable, and effective.

Environment: Core Java, Apache Tomcat, Servlets, Swings, Hibernate
Database: SQL Server

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