ARCore Development

ARCore Development revolutionizes mobile tech, with Google's ARCore rivaling Apple's ARKit and Nestack offering native app solutions.

ARCore Development
ARCore Development

Key Features

ARCore is Google's platform for building Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on Android devices.

Motion Tracking

ARCore uses the phone's camera to observe feature points in the room and track how the device moves in relation to the world.

Environmental Understanding

It can detect the size and location of flat horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as the ground, tables, and walls.

Light Estimation

ARCore observes the ambient light in the environment and allows developers to light virtual objects in ways that match their surroundings.

Cloud Anchors

This feature enables shared AR experiences across multiple devices by allowing them to anchor virtual objects to the same physical location.

Augmented Images

ARCore can detect 2D images, such as posters or packaging, and can trigger AR content when these images are recognized.

Augmented Faces

It provides face tracking capabilities for creating AR effects on the user's face, such as masks or face filters.

Depth API

ARCore can estimate the depth of different surfaces in the environment, enabling more realistic interactions between virtual and real-world objects.

Scene Viewer

Integrated with Google Search, Scene Viewer enables AR content to be viewed directly from search results, enhancing the discoverability of AR experiences.

Integration with Unity and Unreal Engine

ARCore provides plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, making it easier for developers to create AR experiences using these popular game engines.


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