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Big Data Analyst can help you to extract, store, manage, and analyze data from various sources. It’s no surprise that the demand for good offshore big data developers is on the rise, and some organizations can’t handle expenses to hire big data analyst but there is also need of it as there are many competitors out there so every step is very important. Here’s what you’ll get if you outsource a project to the big data developers at Nestack.

big data big data
big data

Robust technical knowledge

Big data development requires a broad knowledge of various technologies. The big data developers at Nestack’s offshore development center fully understand the principles of physical database design, as well as the system development life cycle. There is also a focus on various platforms, methods, and software types when working with big data. Nestack big data developers can handle all of this, with robust technical knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Apache Spark, and NoSQL and SQL databases. The offshore development advantages of working with Nestack also include their strong knowledge of R, Java, Python, C++, and Scala. The big data analyst at Nestack are fully capable of maintaining and rewriting existing MapReduce Java or python code for Spark technologies.

Big data cloud solutions

Cloud-based solutions offer organizations access to real-time information from anywhere on the globe, 24/7. More organizations than ever are taking advantage of these abilities. Cloud-based applications are more easily maintained and scaled, so they lead to significant savings when it comes to the cost of infrastructure. As such, Nestack big data cloud architect are experts when it comes to offering big data cloud solutions. They are experienced in working with AWS, Kinesis stream, EMR, Spark, Lambda, and Firehouse.

Problem-solving skills

The big data analyst at Nestack are effective problem solvers. This is one of the biggest offshore development advantages of working with Nestack. They offer effective, timely offshore IT solutions while anticipating potential issues and solving them. Generating various potential outcomes and coming up with solutions helps to keep Nestack on the ball at all times. The experienced team of Solution Architect can recommend various solutions when it comes to implementing preventive or corrective actions for various complex issues.

Why Choose Nestack?

– Experienced Data Scientist, Architect, and Administrator who can manage tasks of varying complexities.
– The Statistician with a background in mathematics, statistics, and a strong knowledge of algorithms and mathematical models.
– Data and Analytics Managers that will help you in adoption of new engineering practices which offer you better insights into your data.
– Knowledge in a variety of industries and domains such as Healthcare, Telecom, Hospitality, FinTech, and more.
– Years of experience in data science and big data analytics.
– Big data analysts who help you to streamline your business, find answers to the most important business questions, and increase your revenue.

Bespoke analysis of business needs

Nestack big data developers know that each client has specific business needs which can be translated into IT-specific requirements. The offshore development center at Nestack will understand your specific needs to build business requirement documents, review them, and recommend the most appropriate technical solutions which could work in your organization. The big data specialists at Nestack understand how technology and business interact, and take note of necessary dependencies and potential future risks. Nestack specialists calculate cost effectiveness and the various pros and cons of different options to give your organization the best big data solutions.

Data mining and machine learning

The big data Analyst at the Nestack offshore development center have a strong knowledge of machine learning technologies. This includes Mahout and specialist technologies like neural networks. These can be used to create predictive analytic apps for uses like classification, personalization, and recommendation. The addition of Nestack big data developers will thoroughly enhance your business capabilities.


The offshore development center at Nestack offers you an experienced team of Business Analyst who will enhance your organization’s performance with innovative solutions. The Business Analyst consider a wide range of potential solutions before selecting the best one for you. This gives you the best mix of innovation and consideration when it comes to integrating new technologies into your business. Nestack Business Analyst are always driven by innovation to come up with new ideas and develop useful products, services, and new approaches. This always includes a careful analysis of how these innovations will lead to ROI. This can help to massively benefit ongoing and new operations, products, and processes within your business or organization.

Statistical and quantitative analysis

All Nestack Statisticians are experienced so they can bring expertise and competitive advantages to your organization. They also boast a range of expertise in statistical technologies like Matlab, SPSS, R, SAS, and Stata. The Nestack Statisticians take care of massive amounts of raw data from various sources to give you the most valuable insights.

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