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Hire Hadoop developer from Nestack for top-tier offshore solutions, extending your onshore team with tailored Hadoop integration.

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Offshore Development Center

Of course, you're always welcome to visit Nestack at our Hyderabad, India, office at your convenience.

Yes, the security requirements of clients are the top priority at Nestack. Upon selection by the client, all professionals are contractually bound to protect customer confidentiality.

Nestack will introduce you to a number of highly qualified and skilled professionals who you can interview and shortlist before finalizing a candidate for your project.

Although teams may be geographically distributed, daily stand-up meetings in the Agile methodology help to achieve better performance. The preferred methods of communication are telephone, email, and Slack, MSN, or Skype chat.

Our dedicated developers are committed to a 40-hour workweek, from Monday to Friday, ensuring a partial overlap with your working hours, regardless of time zone differences or geographic boundaries.

Our dedicated developers operate out of our modern office in Hyderabad, India. At Nestack, we equip our professionals with state-of-the-art office infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and sophisticated communication tools. Additionally, we ensure a secure development setting, fortified with firewall, password, and encryption safeguards.

Other Questions

With Nestack, scale your business wisely by hiring proficient developers on a part-time or full-time basis, managing your burn rate efficiently while accelerating growth. Monthly service level support includes 8 hours/day for Full Time, 4 hours/day for Part Time, 2 hours/day for Part Time, and 5 hours/week for Part Time (on demand).

No, you can use the Hire A Developer service at Nestack by simply paying a monthly fee. There are no hidden or extra costs when you outsource a project to Nestack.

Yes. Please feel free to contact info@nestack.com for more detailed information.

Each dedicated developer is contractually bound to forego any intellectual property rights and transfer or assign the ownership of all intellectual property to the customer. This assures that only you benefit from your investment. Nestack believes in respecting a client’s confidentiality and adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality while ensuring maximum security during data transfer, storage, and access.

Nestack provide developers with a secure development environment with firewall, password, and encryption protection. It is virtually impossible to gain unauthorized access to any sensitive data or commercial secrets.

Payments are generally made through bank wire transfers.

Yes. The Nestack offshore development center is committed to protecting your confidentiality.

How Our Process Unfolds

Utilize a 15-day paid trial period to evaluate our suggested experts and see if they meet your project's specific needs.


In-depth initial consultation

Engage in a detailed discussion about your project's scope, goals, and requirements with our expert team. Gain insights into the specific skills and expertise your project demands.


Executing formal contracts and paperwork

Complete and sign the essential documents and agreements to initiate the evaluation period.


Personalized selection and smooth onboarding

Post-consultation, we'll recommend professionals that best fit your project's needs. Start your 15-day paid trial to witness their expertise in action.


Transparent progress tracking

Monitor the progress, hours, and tasks of the onboarded professionals. This ensures every hour contributes effectively to your project objectives.


Constructive feedback and adaptive iteration

Engage in regular discussions to review progress, address challenges, and share feedback. We adapt and refine our approach continuously, aligning closely with your project's evolution.


Flexible transition for long-term partnership

Post-trial, if you're pleased with the results, transition smoothly to a full-time or part-time engagement, tailored to your project's needs.

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