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Nestack created a highly effective web-based project for client to assist medical professionals in hospitals. This system functioned to take care of essential tasks such as paperwork and scheduling, giving doctors more time to focus on more important work. These services let administration manage the day-to-day running of the hospital and provide a search function to find doctors within the hospital.

While the administrator holds full rights for the entire system, other workers can access specific relevant parts. For example, receptionists just have access to register patients and medical professionals via entry forms. Attendants in the medical stores can only update test results for each patient. Doctors can access their patients’ data to see results of lab tests and prescribe medicine.

There is a separate section to handle hiring and keep records regarding each doctor and their specific areas of work. Meanwhile, the patient section handles registration and check-ups for each patient. This streamlines record keeping for hospitals to hold accurate information about each doctor and patient.

On top of this, the system can keep track of occupancy to inform receptionists and administration about how many beds are available, which operation theaters are in use at what times, and which patients have been discharged.

Created using Java, this system is an excellent example of Nestack’s offshore Java development skills. It includes a host of useful features, such as keeping records regarding each patient, such as the doctors working on their case and their test results, as well as keeping track of how much medicine and supplies are in stock at the hospital.

It also holds contact details for doctors and other employees so that they are easily contactable. There is regular data backup to provide strong security within this hospital management system.

As well as handling various functions and tasks for the hospital such as keeping records and schedules for patients and managing administration, the system also takes care of billing. This streamlined billing process handles all stages of claim submission and reimbursement, from patient registration to management of accounts receivable and every stage in between, including bill generation, invoicing, and claim submission.

The offshore development center at Nestack includes a team of dedicated experts Java Developers with all the qualifications, experience, and commitment necessary to provide you with an effective Java system.

Environment: Core Java, Servlets, Struts, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, Hibernate, JavaScript
Database: Oracle 11g

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