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Interactive 3D model rendering

Case Studies OpenGL Python

Based on the needs of our client, archi-engineering company specialising in the design and construction of lightweight stressed membranes and large-span structures. We developed this application in python for interactive 3D Model display.

This application used for interactive 3D model rendering based in user provided mesh files(*.msh) with large model(~20000) nodes . The application reads the mesh files and renders the embedded 3D model using GPU-accelerated rendering techniques based on OpenGL.

The application provides an interactive 3D graphics display, with the following functionalities. Mouse (+keyboard) shortcuts to Rotate, Zoom, Drag the 3D Model. Detection and identification of all the nodes in the 3D mesh based on mouse movements.

Interactive Text display mode to render the ids of all the nodes and elements of the 3D mesh. Addition and display of a node to the existing 3D mesh based on user input. Display of the raw model data.

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