IDE Selection and Programming

Nestack helps clients with IDE selection and programming to enhance developer productivity and project success.

Java Development - IDE Selection and Programming
Java Development - IDE Selection and Programming

Overview of top Java IDEs

A comparative guide to choosing your Java development environment.


IntelliJ is available as a proprietary commercial edition and an Apache 2 licensed community edition, Both editions support commercial development, catering to a wide range of development needs with a rich set of features and an intelligent code editor designed to improve productivity and efficiency in Java application development.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse features a core workspace and an extensible plugin system, enabling developers to tailor the IDE to their specific requirements. Primarily focused on Java application development, Eclipse supports a variety of programming languages through its extensive plugin ecosystem, facilitating a versatile development experience.


NetBeans simplifies the development process with its modular approach, allowing for the construction of applications from a cohesive set of software components or modules. As a platform and IDE both written in Java, it empowers developers to extend and enhance applications, including those developed within its environment. While NetBeans supports a broad array of programming languages such as PHP, C/C++, and HTML5, its design and tooling are optimized for Java development, making it an ideal choice for projects in this language.

Key Features to Consider

First and foremost, understanding the specific needs of the client is essential.

Language Support

The IDE should offer comprehensive support for the programming languages used in the client's projects, including intelligent code completion, syntax highlighting, and refactoring tools.

Debugging Tools

High-quality debugging tools can drastically reduce development time and improve code quality. Look for IDEs with integrated debuggers, performance profilers, and log viewing facilities.

Version Control Integration

Most modern development projects rely on version control systems like Git. An IDE with built-in version control support can simplify the development process significantly.

Build and Deployment Tools

The ability to build and deploy directly from the IDE can streamline the development workflow. This is particularly important for complex projects with specific build and deployment processes.

Customizability and Plugins

A customizable IDE, where developers can adjust the interface, settings, and functionality to match their workflow, can improve efficiency. The availability of plugins to extend the IDE's capabilities is also a crucial factor.

Performance and Resource Usage

The IDE's performance and resource usage can impact a developer's machine, especially for larger projects. Lightweight or highly optimized IDEs can offer a balance between functionality and performance.

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