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Joomla Core Features

Joomla has quickly become one of the most popular software packages out there for building, organizing, managing, and publishing content via websites, intranets, and mobile applications. Joomla offers out-of-the-box SEO and SEF. Joomla lets you make blogs, business websites, intranets, and more, no matter how simple or complex.

Essential Features

Language options: Joomla is offered in over 70 languages SEO: Joomla offers out-of-the-box SEO and SEF Flexible: Joomla lets you make blogs, business websites, intranets, and more, no matter how simple or complex Free: Joomla is free to use under GPL Extendable: Joomla offers over 7,500 extensions to help you increase your site’s functionality User management: ACL (Access Control List) allows you to manage your site’s different users and groups Menu management: Joomla lets you include as many menus and menu items as you like Cache management: You can speed your website up by caching with Joomla

Core Functionalities

Redirect: Easily redirect URLs as required Banners: You can monetize your website easily using banners and ads Contacts: Joomla lets you add various contacts, departments, and contact forms Tags: Use tags when you need something deeper than categorization to structure your content Syndication: Joomla lets you create an RSS feed of your content News feed: You can also display an external newsfeed on your website Custom fields: Make use of the 15 different field types to help you add articles, contacts, and users Search: Joomla integrates helpful search functionality so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for Messaging: You can use Joomla to send messages amongst your site’s administrators

Awesome Design Features

Template override: Joomla lets you access the best custom designs Jlayouts: You can render HTML from objects and arrays of data using Joomla Templates: Joomla lets you assign specific templates to the pages you choose Responsive: Joomla uses Bootstrap to create the best, most responsive designs Sleek: Joomla includes less CSS Template frameworks: You can make use of external template frameworks or template clubs with Joomla Create your own: You can also create custom templates for yourself

Next Level

Extended developer documentation: Joomla offers everything you need to know to start extending your platform Microdata library implementation: You can incorporate microdata into your sites and extensions without any hassle PHP 7 support: Jooma prefers to run on PHP 7 Secure coding guidelines: There are best practices for coding in Joomla MVC: Joomla effectively utilizes model-view-controller designs Extend further: You can use the Joomla framework to create web and command line applications Routing system: Joomla has a more flexible interface for handling the creation and processing of URLs

CMS Management

Easy core updating: You can easily use one-click technology to keep your Joomla up to date Easy extension updating: You can quickly and easily keep your extensions up to date too Install from the web: You can also use Joomla to install extensions without straying from your backend User registration: Joomla lets your users register and gain access to more resources

Global support

Extended documentation: There is a whole wiki just about Joomla Integrated help system: Joomla offers an in-app contextual help system Helpful forum: Joomla’s community of top-notch developers and business consultants can help you free of charge Professional service providers: Joomla also integrates professionals who help to build and maintain your projects

Editing & publishing

Publishing: You get to pick when articles are published WYSIWYG editor: Joomla lets you edit content without any understanding of the underlying code Content versioning: Joomla makes sure that you don’t lost previous versions of your articles or past edits of your site Article management: You can use Joomla to add, manage, and organize articles Frontend editing: Use Joomla to edit your content while you browse Editor buttons: You can add extra functions to your content with Joomla’s easy one-click format Drag & drop images: You can drag and drop images from your computer to your content using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor Media manager: Use Joomla’s media manager tool to upload and maintain various files Categories: You can create categories that are nested without depth limits

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