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Images that we see in science fiction movies are becoming more and more a reality with the advert of machine learning techniques. Examples include speech recognition set-up used in cell phones, face recognition technology and automatic parking technologies in cars.

With machine learning fast encroaching on the world of humans, we can be highly certain that its current development is just the beginning of something more exciting that we will see in five years’ time.

Below are 4 areas of innovation made possible with machine learning.


Physicians can now rely on second opinions as well as detect and treat ailments on a huge scale based on machine learning’s skill in analyzing and accumulating large amounts of data.

In addition, personal health monitors that provide early detection of a number of conditions are slowly becoming available. More advanced devices that are smarter and more relaible than gadgets like Fitbit will make their way into our lives in the near future.


Machine learning will take advertising to a whole new level in the next five years. By establishing the dimension, lighting and shade of the product in relation to the setting, advertisers will now be able to flawlessly place products onto existing creative content platforms, resulting in professionally presented photos or videos.

Adding to this, machine learning is capable in tracking online habits of potential customers and studying the kind of messages that appeal to them and the medium they find enticing. This method allows advertisers to tweak their advertising approaches in a way that personlizes their brands.


Real-time translation technology is slowly becoming available, thanks to machine learning. Here, an app on the phone automatically translates foreign texts or conversations to the listener’s native language. Companies like Google and Microsoft have already taken the necessary approaches to devise such gadgets from which business people and travelers at large will greatly benefit.

Image-Based Recognition

We have entered the age where computers can recognize images as well as the people and actions portrayed with incredibly high accuracy and without the assistance of external information. This technology will significantly alter how digitalized images and videos are stored and shared online, thus cutting down time and enhancing work efficiency. For instance, if you have recently watched a video on Youtube, content related to sections of the clip will be brilliantly sourced  based solely on the images on the video.

It goes without saying that almost all sectors of the economy are bound to benefit hugely from the capabilties of machine learning. At present, there is an ever-growing consumer demand in areas involving machine learning to safe guard online privacy, enhance learning, improve health care and facilitate transactions. It is for certain that experiences relating to machine learning will revolutionize the way we live, work and play.

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