Natural Language Processing

Nestack delivers custom Natural Language Processing solutions, crafting high-performance applications for diverse platforms.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Nestack's expertise

Nestack excels in NLP, analyzing Twitter reviews and predicting medical treatments with advanced machine learning expertise.

Custom Product & Application Development in NLP

Nestack offer a full range of customized NLP application and product development services to suit the unique functional and business needs of each customer. The Nestack team of NLP developers has a huge body of expertise in creating high-performing, process-oriented applications and software products to work on desktop, web, cloud, and mobile platforms. These ensure mature SLAs and help to carefully balance cost, quality, and security standards.

NLP Application Maintenance & Support

When you outsource IT services to Nestack you get quality assurance and strong testing services for NLP applications. This includes detailed pre- to post-release functionality, performance, and load verification and analysis which always makes use of best practices, tools, and testing solutions.

NLP Application Enhancement & Upgrade

The Nestack offshore development center can also offer enhancement and upgrade services for already existing NLP applications. This can help to scale current NLP applications up for newer NLP and AI frameworks and platforms and reduces the overall time and cost of the upgrade process.

NLP Solutions

Nestack's NLP expertise creates chatbots, analyzes reviews, and boosts user satisfaction for superior outsourcing results.


OS: Windows,Linux,macOS
NLTK is referred as Natural Language Toolkit. It is python library which supports complex Natural Language Processing features. It is widely used in most of the commercial NLP applications. It also implements machine learning algorithm for enhancing textual features like Named Entity Recognition and POS Tagger.


OS: Windows, Linux
Machine Learning libraries like Toolkit, or Mallet, is a set of Java-based tools which can be used for statistical natural language processing, document classification, information extraction, clustering, topic modeling, and more. MALLET was first developed in 2002 by groups at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Stanford CoreNLP

OS: Windows, Linux, macOS
Stanford CoreNLP is natural language processing software based on Java which identifies the base forms of words and parts of speech to discover whether they are names of people, companies, or other entities. It also normalizes dates and times and marks up sentence structures in terms of syntactic dependencies and phrases. This helps to indicate which noun phrases refer to identical identifiers which identify feeling, and extract particular and open-class relationships between entities mentioned. Standard CoreNLP supports English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German.


OS: Windows,Linux,macOS
Spacy is a modern era’s python based library. It is developed on top of NLTK. It includes efficient machine learning models than NLTK and gaining more market value than NLTK. It supports more complex contextual features.


OS: Windows, Linux, macOS
OpenNLP is an Apache project which powers the Air New Zealand chatbot, Oscar. It can perform natural language processing tasks like tokenization, sentence segmentation, parsing, language detection, part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction, chunking, and co-reference resolution.

Deep Learning

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