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Nestack have a team of experienced big data analysts and developers who can help your organization to harness big data analytics in a way that benefits your business. These insights can help to streamline and grow your organization. You just need help to capture, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data. Nestack has built an exclusive platform for businesses with Hadoop,. This Hadoop data integration has helped to elevate Nestack in the market and made their offshore development center one of the best.

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How we work:

How we work: – Collect random or unstructured straight forward data.
– Wrap up data in logical chunks.
– We use human powered logic to make most of it.
– Visuals you want to find and to bring best and smarter decisions

Our analytics can help you to make better decisions dynamically, with the help of real-time analytics to find trends in data and visualizations that will help you to judge current trend in that specific data to make better and smart decisions. There has been a huge amount of growth in data volume and analytic technologies, so what was once a problem is now a huge opportunity for businesses. At Nestack we have staff of Data Scientist, The Data Analyst, The Data Architect, The Statistician, The Data Administrator, The Business Analyst, Data and Analyst Manager who can help you to gather, manage, analyze, and evaluate your big data to really understand what it’s all saying. Our services will help you to save lot of money because you don’t have to invest on big data jobs in your organization.We have got you covered with helpful reporting, analysis of results, and a way to make decisions in real time. This is the best way for you to build your competitive advantage in the market and make right decisions at right time.

Analytics in Big Data:

We at Nestack focus on traditional analytics and Big data, we make use of structured and unstructured data, open source and traditional analytics tools.Previously in collaboration with our clients we have worked on insurance analytics issues like pricing optimization and some exortic bigdata problems. The dedicated big data specialists offer a range of services, all the way from configuring big data tools to developing customized solutions and reports for you. Nestack work with various technologies in the open-source big data domain such as Hive, Pig, Spark, Flume, Oozie, Impala, and more. They also provide Hadoop-based analytics for big data. On top of that, they can offer integration with NoSQL databases to help you handle data of all ranges and types.

Distributed File System Development:

Hadoop plays vital role in Big Data because when there comes unstructured data Apache Hadoop software library plays a vital role in handling Big Data. The amount of data being generated is always rising, whether it’s via social media, browsing logs history, online purchases, web user activity analytics or whatever else. Nestack have experienced Hadoop consultants and they make sure that every client gets profitable insights from this massive and complex data.

This means that when you choose Nestack as your outsource partner then you can completely rely on our results. We at Nestack use deep learning and machine learning algorithms to help your business use big data to analyze your customers, detect risks, optimize prices, forecast demand, and effectively segment the market. We have data scientist that spend lot of time in data management activities then they prepare data for modeling, This all can be done with quantitative analyst. These data are then provisioned in sandboxes which can be used for exploring data. To make sure that every client’s big data solution is scalable and maintainable without high costs, the Nestack big data scientists make use of cloud computing for big data. You can outsource work to India with Nestack for the best big data solutions. Nestack work with Azure and Amazon Web Services like EMR, Kinesis, and Lambda to provide your organization with effective analysis and processing of data.

Our Success story with Hadoop:

Nestack has built an exclusive platform for businesses with Hadoop,. This Hadoop data integration has helped to elevate Nestack in the market and made their offshore development center one of the best. Hadoop is an open-source technology which lets Nestack developers access high-speed processing of big data. This is necessary for the current big data focus of modern business. A large number of companies have deployed Hadoop in there Applications and used it to achieve their goals because in Big Data its working process is very simple i.e store, Process, Access.

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