Magento Advantages

Leading brands enjoy Magento Advantages, enhancing margins and sales. Nestack's offshore development ensures your success with Magento.

Magento Development - Magento Advantages
Magento Development - Magento Advantages

Why choose Magento?

Big brands opt for Magento, adapting to the dynamic online shopping behaviors of customers.

E-Commerce Inventory

If you’re selling in stores and online and you can fulfil your orders from anywhere in the world, then your customers will always trust you. This means that they’ll keep coming back. Similarly, if you can ship out products or have them picked up in stores, then customers will want to return. If you make it easy for associates at other locations to ship out items that aren’t available in a customer’s local store, they’ll love you even more. Magento Order Management makes all of these features possible for you.

Business Analytics

Use Magento Business Intelligence to get insights that will heighten your selling strategy. You can discover excellent growth opportunities by using this software to easily analyze your customer base, products, and promotions. What’s more, you can share these insights with your organization quickly and easily.

Easy Site Management

The new version of Magento platform, resolved inconveniences of managing websites faced by many Magento administrators previously. Now site management is much more simplified and allows you to customize the admin panel for each user.

Customizable E-Commerce Platform

The Magento Marketplace has one of the most extensive and diverse libraries of fully customized and well-tested extensions. This means you can always get the best extensions to extend the features of your e-commerce platform however you want.

Faster Speed

Updated indexers in Magento 2 help speed up query performance. Processes no longer get blocked by refactored indexers now as they continue to work in the background.

Global ecosystem

On top of that, it has a global ecosystem of over 150,000 developers and more than 300 well-trained solution partners. It’s no surprise that businesses using Magento can sell more at lower TCOs than sellers who use competitor platforms. By creating a website with Magento through an offshore development center like Nestack, you can make the Magento advantage work in your favor.


Customers change the way they shop all the time, so trends move fast and innovation has to work hard to keep up. Outsource operations in Magento offer you flexible ways to change and extend your platform so you can always stay on top when it comes to offering unique branded experiences. Keep adapting and stay on top of your game by using Magento.

Modern Architecture

Updates to server-side architecture have been made in Magento 2 and several modern features have been included including full page caching, support for HHVM3.6 and out of box Varnish 4 while the client-side has also been updated to include image compression, static content caching, and support for jQuery.

Best E-Commerce Platform

Magento has over 250,000 merchants all over the globe, making it the world’s most popular ecommerce platform. You only need to read a few customer stories to figure out the offshore development advantages of using Magento.

Hire Magento developer

Hire Magento Developer

Hiring Magento developers through Nestack guarantees quality and efficiency, backed by our world-class infrastructure and proven processes.

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