C++ Development

C++ Software Development

The C++ programmers at Nestack have experience working with leading systems software companies on a huge variety of system software needs. Nestack creates reliable, secure, and highly performing native system software for end-user and server systems.

Cross-Platform Applications

By utilizing wxWidgets, Qt, GTK+ and a variety of other toolsets, Nestack comprises an offshore development center which can deliver cross-platform applications at various complexities whether it is a standalone desktop application or a distributed system.


Nestack build server configuration and management utilities, server performance monitoring and reporting tools, server-side communication, server-side processing, backup utilities, and command-line tools by utilizing NAT-T techniques alongside HPL, libnice, HPL, zeroMQ libraries, and a variety of other tools.

Native Software

Nestack effectively creates feature-rich and operating system-native software solutions that include tools and utilities as well as office, communication and multimedia apps all on top of productivity tools.

Hardware-Specific Software

Nestack offers driver and utility management solutions alongside middleware that can communicate back and forth with low-level embedded software for custom devices which utilize board-specific accelerators as well protocols like SPI and I2C. It does so using interfaces such as IEEE 1394, RS-232, USB, Bluetooth, and so on.

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