.NET Development

.NET Development

Outsource dotnet development to Nestack. We have an effective offshore development center which pairs your business with a team of Microsoft-certified developers who work with you to develop the .NET applications you need. Nestack have gathered a huge amount of .NET experience which has helped to revolutionize the operations of many organizations.

What Nestack provides?

– Custom ASP.NET web development
– Mobile application development
– Internet of Things development
– HoloLens development
– Game development
– Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)
– Third-party products and solutions customization
– Mobile development
– Improvements to existing applications and complete application refactoring
– Application integration with legacy systems
– Enterprise application integration
– Web integration (including payment gateway integration)
– Application migration to .NET
– Database and data migration
– Outsource dotnet development
– Application deployment
– Ongoing support and maintenance of applications
– Continuous application improvement

At the Nestack offshore development center, you can take advantage of a number of consulting services such as:

ASP.NET Development

Developing with ASP.NET requires the creation of flexible solutions which suit the ever-changing business world, so it’s not just about simple coding and testing. On top of that, IT solutions have to be appealing to the user by being attractive and easy to use. The experienced .NET consultants at Nestack are dotnet outsource development partners that you can trust for all of these needs. They can take care of data transformation and mining, auto recovery, fail safe methods, back-up and archiving, application logs, trail-backs, role-based access to important information, and so much more. The expertise that the Nestack team offers means you’ll always get the most scalable, standard-based web applications when you choose Nestack as your outsource partner. Their high knowledge in ASP.NET MVC framework allows them to code it within standardized and tested design patterns. On top of that, the outsource operations at Nestack utilize Node.js to create scalable network applications which allow you to take care of data-heavy real-time scenarios over various devices. Nestack also uses Knockout.js and the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern to make dynamic JavaScript user interfaces more effortless. With all this expertise, it’s easy for you to get an attractive, highly responsive display and usable UI with a sleek data model underlying it with Knockout. You just need to outsource IT services to Nestack. When you outsource dotnet development services to Nestack, you get all the outsource benefits of a team of experienced and committed engineers who want to use their experience in application development to help you.

.NET Software Development

You’ll generally find that basic software applications don’t really let you achieve your end goals. Your organization may need a professionally built solution to fulfil your needs. The Nestack offshore development center always offers customized, high-performing software which makes your systems run more effectively and efficiently. Nestack can take care of all these, from the simplest portal developments to high enterprise-level apps. All of the IT solutions offered by Nestack are state-of-the-art and as secure as it can be.

Website Application Development

Nestack use up-to-date .NET based frameworks and tools such as ASP.NET, Silverlight, AJAX, and SharePoint to build dynamic, modern web apps. The applications that Nestack build are affordable and easy to incorporate too. If your website is suffering from issues like slow running because of too many process-heavy visuals, Nestack will identify and fix these problems too. You’ll get an optimized web design that is up-to-date, user appealing, and highly functional.

Website Development

Website development can take a lot of time and resources but Nestack utilizes ASP.NET to build you a strong website from the ground up. The Nestack offshore development team can also help you to tweak your current website design. The high-quality offshore IT services provided by Nestack can help you with script writing, web app development, and system architecture development.

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