Drupal Core Features

Nestack's Drupal Core Features enhance your website with expert development, dedicated support, and advanced e-commerce solutions.

Drupal Development - Drupal Core Features
Drupal Development - Drupal Core Features

Comprehensive insights into Drupal modules

Designed to provide a robust framework for building versatile, feature-rich websites.

Forum Module

Facilitates threaded discussions, enabling community engagement.


Allows creation of polls for user voting on various topics through multiple-choice questions.


Enables content categorization for improved organization and searchability.

Menu system

Features a multi-level menu system for comprehensive site navigation

Content Creation

Simplifies the addition and editing of various content types, including text, images, and multimedia.

Comment and tracker

Enhances interaction by letting users comment on content and follow updates via tracking.


Manages user information and preferences for personalized experiences.

Contact Form

Implements both personal and site-wide contact forms for better communication

Search Functionality

Offers advanced site-wide search capabilities.

Trigger and actions

Automates responses to specified system events, such as content publication.


Provides detailed reports on site traffic and user activities.

Multisite support

Manages multiple Drupal sites from a single installation.

Content Translation

Aids in translating content into various languages, enhancing accessibility for a global audience

 Performance and throttling:

Automatically regulates site performance during high traffic to prevent overload.

News Feed

Allows the integration and display of syndicated content via RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds.


Notifies other sites of updates to encourage crosssite interaction.


Offers a comprehensive blogging platform, including articles and comments. .


Enables content organization into structured pages, useful for manuals or related content series.


Supports login via OpenID for a streamlined user authentication process.

Themes and templates

Facilitates site appearance customization through themes and design templates.

File Uploads

Permits users to attach and upload files to content, enhancing the richness of information.

Responsive Design

Core themes are responsive, ensuring websites are mobile-friendly and accessible on all devices.

Built-in web services

Drupal 8 and later versions include RESTful web services for building API-first applications.

Configuration Management

Simplifies the deployment of site configurations from development to production environments.

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