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Java Application Development

Nestack aims primarily to develop client-focused software solutions, allowing each client to outsource Java application development in order to successfully grow their business. The Java developers here at Nestack are highly skilled experts and innovators who work hard to consistently deliver unique, competitive, and thorough platform agnostic solutions that work best for your business.


Apache Tomcat, or Tomcat Server, is the brainchild of the Apache Software Foundation. It’s a Java Servlet Container that can implement various Java EE specifications such as Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, WebSocket, and Java EL. This open-source product also provides a HTTP web server environment which can run Java code, offering the pure Java experience.


Jetty is a web server with 9% of global java application market share. It can be implemented inside java code so that developers do not need to deploy the whole but the only portions that are required. So it removes the concern of unwanted overhead and memory use. So it is most suitable in scalable java applications where resources are limited application load is more.

WildFly JBoss Application Server

– WildFly is an application server developed by Red Hat which was originally authored by JBoss and known as JBoss AS. Written in Java, JBoss implements the Java EE specification and runs on various platforms. This free, open-source software is subject the general requirements of version 2.1. of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


– It is a java server which is used for implementation of Java EE application and supports portable and scalable enterprise application which can be integrated with legacy technologies. IT also supports interactive admin console where web services can be developed and tested.

WebLogic Server

– WebLogic Server is a component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio. It can support Oracle, DB2, MySQL Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Server, and other JDBC-compliant database options.

WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

WAS functions essentially as a web application server. To be specific, this product is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java-based web applications.

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