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CodeIgniter Development - Java application servers
CodeIgniter Development - Java application servers

Choosing the right application server

Dive into the functionalities and unique features of leading Java servers.


Apache Tomcat, or Tomcat Server, is the brainchild of the Apache Software Foundation. It’s a Java Servlet Container that can implement various Java EE specifications such as Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, WebSocket, and Java EL. This open-source product also provides a HTTP web server environment which can run Java code, offering the pure Java experience.

WebLogic Server

WebLogic Server is a component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio. It can support Oracle, DB2, MySQL Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Server, and other JDBC-compliant database options.


Jetty is a web server with 9% of global java application market share. It can be implemented inside java code so that developers do not need to deploy the whole but the only portions that are required. So it removes the concern of unwanted overhead and memory use. So it is most suitable in scalable java applications where resources are limited application load is more.

WildFly JBoss Application Server

WildFly is an application server developed by Red Hat which was originally authored by JBoss and known as JBoss AS. Written in Java, JBoss implements the Java EE specification and runs on various platforms. This free, open-source software is subject the general requirements of version 2.1. of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


It is a java server which is used for implementation of Java EE application and supports portable and scalable enterprise application which can be integrated with legacy technologies. IT also supports interactive admin console where web services can be developed and tested.

WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

WAS functions essentially as a web application server. To be specific, this product is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java-based web applications.

Key Considerations

Ensure the server aligns with your project requirements.

Framework and Language Support

Ensure the server supports the Java frameworks and libraries you plan to use. Some servers might offer better support for specific Java EE specifications or microservices architectures.

Performance Needs

Evaluate the performance characteristics you need, such as the ability to handle high concurrent requests or large volumes of data efficiently.


Look for an application server that can scale horizontally or vertically with ease, allowing you to meet growing demand without significant changes to the application architecture.


The server should allow for deployment in various environments, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid setups, adapting to your deployment strategy.

IDE Integration

Some application servers come with integrated development environments (IDEs) or plugins that simplify development, debugging, and deployment processes.

Built-in Security

Look for servers that provide robust security features out of the box, including secure default configurations, SSL/TLS support, authentication and authorization mechanisms, and regular security updates.

Open Source vs. Commercial

Determine whether an open-source server meets your needs or if a commercial product with support and additional features is necessary. Consider the total cost of ownership, including licensing, support, and maintenance fees.

Community Support

A strong community and comprehensive documentation can be invaluable for troubleshooting and learning best practices. Consider the size and activity of the server's community.

Vendor Support

For commercial servers, evaluate the quality of vendor support, including response times, availability of expert assistance, and access to updates and patches.


Choose a server that is actively developed and embraces new technologies and standards, ensuring your applications remain competitive and compatible with emerging trends.

Proof of Concept

Before finalizing your decision, set up a proof of concept to test the application server with your applications. Evaluate performance, ease of use, and compatibility with your development workflow and project requirements.

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