Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning Services

The Nestack offshore development center will ensure that you always get the Machine Learning Services options you need. You can also bring in and develop any models you like.


Amazon AWS offers excellent machine learning services and tools which can match the requirements and expertise of all sorts of users including data scientists, developers, and ML researchers. It is extremely easy for developers to add intelligence to applications using the vast number of pre-trained services on AWS including computer vision, speech and language analysis, and chatbot systems. You can also bring in and develop any models you like, as AWS supports all of the primary machine learning frameworks, including Caffe2, Apache MXNet, and TensorFlow.


Azure is the preferred machine learning system at Nestack, and it fits seamlessly into enterprises already operating in the Microsoft ecosystem. Azure's cloud-based predictive analytics make it possible to deploy the system incredibly quickly.


Nestack provides outsource IT services which help a company's systems to use machine learning algorithms from Google to analyze data and predict future outcomes. This can work through Google BigQuery or by pulling datasets from Google cloud storage.

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