Magento features

Magento features ensure unparalleled site performance, optimizing your e-commerce platform for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Magento features
Magento features

The power of magento

You're guaranteed a visually engaging, highly responsive, and mobile-friendly website that stands out in the digital landscape.

Integrated CMS

Magento lets you personalize you site using built-in CMS. You can add infinite number of pages and modify presentable content by inserting any number of sections as per your needs. This means you site administrators can manage marketing content without ever touching the code

Multiple Checkout Experiences

Magento 2 offers both traditional and single page checkout experiences for faster customer conversion. Administrators can flip between both experience just from the Magento dashboard.

SEO driven

With Magento, your products can be listed more attractively in Google to entice new customers. With the addition of Blog, you can also bring in new customers via organic search.

Catalogue Management

Magento lets you add products and categories with arbitrary parents, in simple structure or complex styles – whatever you need, Magento can do it.

Discounts and offers

Magento lets you apply rules to customers carts so you can easily offer discounts and sales.

Variable shipping elements

Use Magento to choose from fixed delivery costs or more complex settings for your deliveries that can include price, weight, and location settings.

Google Shopping

You can easily add your site to Google shopping to target additional customer

Run fast

Run fast: Magento websites can easily be built to run fast, given the right hosting environment and structure. Magento 2 has built in full cache engine and supports Varnish which is one of the leading ‘Full Page Cache Engine’. Prior to Magento 2, FPC was an enterprise feature but now it’s available for everyone.

Automated email marketing

Magento lets you build in newsletters and personalized customer updates which are sent directly from the Magento system. This is a simple way to increase your number of repeat customers.

Targeted Marketing

Beside related products, Magento 2 platform also have the Up-sell products and Cross-sell products for users to add to a product. It has the same purpose as related products, help to marketing new products and increase sales.

Highly usable category pages

Magento allows your customers to search your products using helpful filters by using product attributes.


Magento 2 is super flexible and can be enhanced to support Line of Business applications in the form of custom extensions that can be developed and deployed using the Magento 2 framework.

Loyalty Points

Magento lets you use a points system to heighten customer loyalty.

Security Updates

Emphasize Magento's commitment to security, detailing regular updates and compliance with industry standards to protect customer data.

Magento Development

Hire Magento Developer

Hiring Magento developers through Nestack guarantees quality and efficiency, backed by our world-class infrastructure and proven processes.

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