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Nestack used Java to build a school management system to handle various users including employees, students, and administrators. This web-based application streamlined school management and offered an integrated platform to view information about students, fees, school clubs and societies, and related areas like management of the school library and gym.

This school management system worked to automate administrative operations, making the day-to-day running of the school far simpler.

School management system allows the school to securely store information about the school, such as past and present course results, teachers, classroom data, scheduling of exams, clubs, and meetings, and more.

The application makes it easy to search and view data about the school online, also offering parents access to information about the performance of their children, their class scheduling, and more. It is also possible to create reports using various criteria, which can then be printed, downloaded, or viewed online.

The school management system manages all sorts of school activities, all the way from early registration and enrollment to final exams and graduation. It offers ERP solutions for a variety of modules in areas like admin, HR, finance, exams, admissions, and more.

On top of that, it can manage employee-related activities such as interviewing, hiring, wage processing, holiday scheduling, and more. This can be done for various different types of employees, so administrative staff, janitorial staff, teachers, volunteers, and more can all be managed within the same system.

Nestack have a broad base of Java experience which allows them to create impeccable offshore Java development solutions. With a dedicated team of experts for Java application development, Nestack always offer highly customized solutions for their clients’ needs.

Environment: Spring, Core Java, JSP, Java Script, Apache Tomcat, Struts
Database: SQL Server

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