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AR Apps for Education & Publishing revolutionize reading with stunning, immersive stories that leave a lasting impression.

Education & Publishing
Education & Publishing


Augmented Reality is transforming the fields of education and publishing, offering new ways to engage with content and learn.

Experience Real History

Nestack Technologies develops AR solutions for experiencing real history, allowing students to interact with historical events and figures in an immersive way. Allows students to gain unique insights into historical events using Reality Boards and cards in conjunction with an app.


Nestack Technologies creates AR apps that work with the Virtuali-Tee, providing students with an interactive and detailed exploration of human anatomy. Uses the Virtuali-Tee, a T-shirt embedded with a code, combined with an app to give students a detailed look into the human body.


Nestack Technologies develops AR content for the Metaverse platform, enabling educators to create engaging and interactive educational experiences. A platform that lets users create and share interactive content in augmented reality, popular for creating educational games and activities.

Merge VR

Nestack Technologies creates AR experiences for Merge VR, allowing users to interact with virtual objects and environments using the MERGE cube and headset. Utilizes a headset and a unique MERGE cube to create and deliver AR experiences, not limited to a classroom environment.

Digital Storytelling

Nestack Technologies develops AR apps for digital storytelling, enhancing traditional narratives with interactive and immersive elements. AR brings literature to life, adding a new dimension to both classic and modern stories.

Pop-up Books

Nestack Technologies creates AR pop-up books, turning static images into interactive 3D scenes that captivate and engage readers. AR technology transforms traditional pictures in books into interactive 3D images, allowing readers to engage with the content in a novel way.

Interactive Coloring Books

Nestack Technologies develops AR interactive coloring books, allowing children to bring their colored characters to life and interact with them on screen. Children can color characters in AR-enabled coloring books and interact with them on their screens, with characters responding to touch and offering mini-games.

Gamebooks with AR

Nestack Technologies creates AR gamebooks, combining interactive storytelling with augmented reality to enhance the reading experience. In gamebooks, readers can make choices and see the outcomes in video form, with AR apps displaying animated characters, tracking points, and showing progress and skill levels.

Illustrated Atlases

Nestack Technologies develops AR illustrated atlases, enabling users to explore detailed 3D models of animals, buildings, and historical sites, accompanied by educational content. AR allows users to visualize animals, buildings, historical environments, and more in 3D, providing an interactive learning experience with accompanying facts and videos.

Augmented Puzzles

Nestack Technologies creates AR puzzles and playing cards, offering users an interactive and educational experience that combines physical and virtual elements. Completing a puzzle can unlock an AR experience, revealing the full image and related facts. Similarly, playing cards can become interactive, allowing users to model and collect virtual creatures and engage in mini-games and battles.

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