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AR in Furniture Manufacture boosts customer engagement, sales, and reduces costs by minimizing the need for physical prototypes.

Furniture Manufacture
Furniture Manufacture


AR enhances the furniture industry, offering immersive experiences and boosting customer engagement and sales.

Virtual Furniture Placement

Nestack Technologies develops AR solutions for virtual furniture placement, enabling users to preview how furniture items will fit and look in their homes. Apps allow users to visualize how furniture will look in their space before purchasing.

Interior Design Visualization

Nestack Technologies creates AR interior design visualization apps that allow users to experiment with different furniture and decor arrangements in a virtual 3D environment. Apps enable users to design their living space with 3D furniture and decor items.

Customization Options

Nestack Technologies develops AR apps that provide extensive customization options, enabling users to personalize virtual furniture and decor to match their preferences. Apps offer the ability to customize living spaces virtually, with options to change colors, fabrics, and styles.

Room Measurement

Nestack Technologies integrates AR measurement tools into their apps, allowing users to accurately measure room dimensions and ensure a perfect fit for their furniture. Apps, include an AR ruler to measure room dimensions and ensure furniture fits properly.

Virtual Showrooms

Nestack Technologies creates AR virtual showroom apps that offer a wide range of designed room templates and allow users to experiment with branded products in a virtual setting. Apps provide designed room templates and allow users to create their own virtual rooms with real brand products.

Product Information

Nestack Technologies develops AR apps that provide comprehensive product information, helping users make informed decisions about furniture purchases. AR apps provide detailed information about furniture products, including dimensions and available colors.

Social Sharing

Nestack Technologies incorporates social sharing features into their AR apps, enabling users to share their virtual designs with friends and family for feedback. AR apps offer social media sharing features, allowing users to share their designs and get feedback from friends.

Virtual Staging

Nestack Technologies develops AR virtual staging apps that assist in the virtual decoration of real estate, offering tools for creating immersive 360° VR tours. Apps used for virtual decoration of real estate for sale, providing a tool for creating 360° VR tours.

Furniture Modeling

Nestack Technologies creates AR furniture modeling apps that enable users to visualize and interact with real furniture items in AR, with options to purchase directly from the app. Apps allow users to model real furniture items in AR, with the option to purchase them directly.

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