Wikitude Development

Wikitude Development offers instant tracking, object/image recognition, and geo-location AR in a comprehensive suite.

Wikitude Development
Wikitude Development


Wikitude is perfect for developing innovative AR apps in industries like education, marketing, entertainment, and retail.

Image Recognition and Tracking

The ability to recognize and track 2D images, transforming static images into interactive AR experiences.

3D Object Recognition & Tracking

Enables apps to recognize, track, and augment 3D objects in the real world, offering a seamless AR experience.

Instant Tracking (SLAM)

Wikitude's SDK incorporates Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology, allowing for real-time environment mapping and AR content placement without the need for pre-defined markers.

Geo-Location Based AR

Integrates location data to place AR content at specific real-world coordinates, perfect for location-based services and games.

Cloud Recognition

Offers scalable cloud-based image recognition for managing large volumes of target images, essential for extensive AR projects.

Cross-Platform Support

Wikitude's SDK is compatible with Android, iOS, and smart glasses, ensuring a wide reach across different devices.

Integration Support

Supports Unity, Titanium, Xamarin, and Cordova, allowing developers to use familiar tools and frameworks.

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