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SharePoint Technologies supports state-of-the-art development tools and techniques. The technical experts at Nestack’s offshore development center use SharePoint’s best capabilities.

SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework is a page and wep part model which offers you total support for SharePoint development on the client side. It also allows simple integration with SharePoint data and good support when it comes to open-source tooling. The SharePoint Framework helps you use up-to-date web technologies and tools in whichever development environment you want. With it, you can create efficient apps which are highly responsive and ready to go on mobile from the early stages. The framework functions on SharePoint Online and will soon be available on-premises too with the SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2.

SharePoint webhooks

SharePoint webhooks lets a developer build an application that subscribes to receive notifications about specific events as they occur in SharePoint. An HTTP POST payload will be sent when an event happens. Webhooks are regular HTTP services (web API) so they’re easier to develop and use than Windows Communication Foundation services. Webhooks are currently only available for SharePoint list items to cover events which correspond to given list item changes on specific lists of document libraries. With SharePoint webhooks, you get an intuitive notification trail which lets your app know about changes to SharePoint lists without having to poll the whole service.

Power BI

Using Power BI you can get insights to your datasets though visual representations with which you can make precise and quick decisions.


With SharePoint Search you can find any record in your site. SharePoint Search will also search within your documents. You can also search external files, yammer and much more.

Updates in real-time

You can respond to changes in data from Microsoft Graph in real-time to let other people know about changes to a file, move processes along after approval, or change meeting times based on availability.

Wide reach

You can create IT solutions which will target enterprise users in Office 365, target consumers on Office Online, be it or, or target both.

Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

With Microsoft Flow and PowerApps you can quickly build robust applications and processes. PowerApps lets developers and users create applications with forms and specific user experience using various different data sources such as SharePoint. PowerApps are mobile enabled and let you gather data from your team no matter when they’re working or which device they’re using. With Flow, you can make automated workflows between specific apps and services with excellent support for SharePoint in Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016.

SharePoint Add-ins

You can deploy easily manageable apps and extensions using SharePoint. What’s more, SharePoint Add-ins give you flexibility when it comes to deploying and managing customizations in a given SharePoint site. Team leaders and administrators who are acting as site owners can find and utilise Add-ins through the Office Store. Alternatively, they can work with administrators to send out custom solutions while keeping control over permission and access for an application. It is easy for developers to continually reuse existing content and apps, or to integrate them with SharePoint or build new apps hosted on SharePoint.

SharePoint Workflows

Automate your business process using SharePoint Workflows. Through SharePoint Workflows you can improve the efficiency of your organization and also improve the organization’s productivity.

Microsoft Graph

You can utilise the Microsoft Graph API to connect to data that will keep your organization’s productivity on the up and up. This includes calendar, mail, documents, directory, contacts, devices, and more.

Plenty of context

You can access a range of context for your application to let you know, for example, whether someone is in the office, what documents they’ve been working on, and who they’re working with.

Rich insights

You can get deep insights from user patterns to let you know about trending documents, the best times to meet, or who generally works with who.

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