SharePoint Features

SharePoint offers a comprehensive and versatile platform for collaboration, content management, and business process automation.

sharepoint development
sharepoint development

SharePoint Key Features

Here are some of the top SharePoint development features that make it a powerful platform for building collaborative solutions and custom applications.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

The SharePoint Framework is a client-side development model that supports modern web technologies and tools. It allows for the creation of responsive and mobile-ready apps, with seamless integration with SharePoint data.

Power Apps and Power Automate

Tools for creating custom forms, workflows, and business applications that can integrate with SharePoint lists and libraries.

Workflow Development

Tools for creating and deploying custom workflows using SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio, enabling automation of business processes.

Search Customization

Extensibility options for enhancing and customizing the SharePoint search experience, including custom search queries, result sources, and search result display templates.

SharePoint Add-ins

Standalone applications that can extend the functionality of SharePoint sites without requiring direct access to the server-side environment.

Power BI Integration

Power BI provides visual insights into SharePoint datasets, enabling quick and informed decision-making through real-time updates​​.

Contextual Information

Access a variety of contextual information for your applications, such as user presence, document activity, and collaboration details​​.

SharePoint Webhooks

Develop applications that subscribe to notifications about specific events in SharePoint, such as changes to list items, with SharePoint webhooks​​.

Microsoft Graph Integration

Connect to a wide range of data, including calendar, mail, documents, and more, to enhance organizational productivity with the Microsoft Graph API​​.

Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into user patterns, such as trending documents and optimal meeting times, to inform decisions and collaborations​​.

Multilingual Support

Create multilingual sites with language-specific content variations.

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