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Computers are so deeply integrated into our lives that we are now able to easily interact with interfaces like Siri and Alexa verbally. We ask them a question, and they are able to provide a quick and reliable answer. Consumers have embraced this technology to find restaurant suggestions, play music, or control functions throughout the home.IBM is using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Great Customer Experience. This technology has been flourishing on a consumer level, but how can businesses use it to create an elevated customer experience? Enter IBM’s Watson, the computer that actually thinks.
While interfaces like Siri and Alexa are simply able to make suggestions based on information from databases, Watson is actually able to comprehend sentiment – it understands, reasons, learns and interacts, which creates opportunities for Watson to actually assist customers who need support.

Combining A.I Abilities With The Human Touch

Normally, when you interact with a computer in a support capacity, it might be frustrating. The computer can’t comprehend your question, or it doesn’t understand your dialect. It may simply repeat what you said back to you. Imagine, instead, a computer that would talk to you like a person would. It will ask questions to clarify what you need. It will give you answers that are actually helpful, and it will do so in a quick and efficient manner. You can give it verbal or written commands or questions (even with misspellings or incorrect grammar), and it will respond in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually interacting with another human.

While it may seem like one day Watson could run a call center completely independently, it seems more likely that it can function as support to employees. It’s true that sometimes people still want that human connection, but Watson is so quick and accurate, that combining Watson’s abilities with the human touch.

And the best part is, Watson may notice customers having a common complaint, question or problem. From there, companies can use Watson to help eliminate issues and create a better service or product.

A.I at Nestack:

At Nestack we write machine learning algorithms in Python and use multiple additional libraries, e.g. DeepLearning4J, TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe, Theano and more. Nestack can help you boost your services and outperform your competition with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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