Website Development Trends in 2024 and Beyond

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Here are some of the trends we’ve seen so far that are likely to continue having an impact well into 2024.

Responsive Website Design

As the platforms people use to surf the web continue to diversify, responsive web design will be crucial to success. Developers and designers will need to maintain flexibility and creativity to go on delivering quality web content that looks great and performs smoothly from smartphone to desktop. Other approaches to designing for mobile platforms remain relevant; as well as old-school mobile-optimized sites,


Although it’s certainly not a new tool, nor without its flaws, JavaScript has only continued to grow in importance in recent years. More and more website developers rely on JavaScript for a steadily expanding range of tasks — particularly “full-stack” developers.

HTML5 and the Death of Flash

Flash is finished. In fact, Flash has been finished for some years; it’s just taken some time for the wider internet community to get the message. With more and more major platforms withdrawing support for Flash, it’s high time to update any remaining Flash content and switch to HTML5.


For good or ill, animated content is set to remain popular in the short to medium term. While subtle animated elements can add interest and improve interactivity, animation should be used judiciously. Keep in mind that adding animated elements has implications for site loading times, responsivity and accessibility. Many people, such as those with photosensitive migraines and epilepsy, can’t use sites that contain animation; many more people simply find animated elements irritating and prefer to avoid them. Give your users an easy way to turn off animations and avoid autoplaying longer content.

Security Concerns

Developers should already be security-conscious. 2017 has brought a plethora of additional security concerns, with new and more virulent threats arising all the time. It’s never been more important to put security front and center at every stage of development.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is playing a bigger and bigger role in today’s web. AI is now used to improve website design on all levels. Another area where AI is coming to the fore is in user interaction, which increasingly involves chatbots. Bots can replace confusing, tedious menus and decision trees with more naturalistic, intuitive chat-based interactions to help users find what they want. Virtual assistants are becoming more and more common, especially in the context of the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a general term covering any internet-connected device. IoT devices are proliferating into every facet of modern life, from internet-controlled manufacturing systems to domestic appliances that can be operated via a web app. Developing for this growing sector is going to be an increasingly attractive proposition

There’s a great deal more to come in 2024 and beyond. Look out for exciting new developments in the spheres of user interface and user experience design, as well as major advances in the ways that people use the web in their day-to-day lives.

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