What Should You Look for in a WordPress Theme

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Having an inviting website is important. But what is even more critical are functionality and speed. Each WordPress theme caters to a different niche and you should consider which one is most appropriate for your business. Furthermore, the theme you choose should complement the content on your website. When choosing a WordPress theme for your business site, consider the following factors.

Keep it Simple

According to the saying ‘less is more’, sometimes the simpler your website is the more effective are its objectives. While this quote sounds cliche, there is value to what it teaches. Do not complicate your website. You want your users to be able to navigate easily. Choose a theme that is simple yet appealing enough to attract investors and new subscribers.

WordPress Plugins

Business owners enjoy having the option to customize their website even after it is created. You can add extra features, giving you the flexibility to make improvements to your website as you go along. Unfortunately, not all themes support the popular plugins, so check the developer before deciding.

Mobile Readiness

Many persons access information from their mobile devices, so ensure your website is mobile ready. Even more importantly, your ranking on Google will improve if your website is easily accessible for mobile users. Before deciding on a theme, do the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to evaluate its readiness.

Compatibility with Browsers

Imagine how happy users will be if they can access your website from any browser. Whether they use Google Chrome, Safari, or Explorer, users should have no difficulty opening your website. They should also find it easy to view your content from any browser. Find out which themes can work well on various browsers.

Translation Ready

To ensure your business thrives in this global environment, you may wish to have your content available in various languages. Choose a theme that can support multilingual plugins so that your content is easily translated for international users.

Available Customer Support

Look for a WordPress theme that includes tech support. You never know when you may need to call on the experts. Not all themes offer this service, so choose your theme wisely especially if you are new to building websites and WordPress. For example, free themes are not guaranteed to have support.

Customer Reviews

Like any product or service, customer feedback helps with decision making. View comments from users in the rating section for each theme. If a theme has many bad reviews, dig deeper to understand why. Your best bet may be to avoid that theme and consider only those with very high ratings.

It is important that you take all of these factors into consideration when choosing your WordPress theme. It will impact customers’ perception of your business.

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