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Point of Sale (POS) Application

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Point of Sale (POS) applications are designed to make it easy for you to make and manage your Restaurant sales. On top of this, they can keep track of customer information, manage your inventory, and let you order from your vendors.

With the help of an effective POS application developed by Nestack, you can make the day-to-day running of your Restaurant business more streamlined while keeping track of the different factors involved in your business.

Point of Sale (POS) Applications

Restaurant business moves fast, as any owners knows, and it can be difficult to stay on top of online sales, reservations, inventory, payments, and all the other factors involved in running your Restaurant business. However, a well-designed piece of Point of Sale software can manage these factors to let you focus on growing your business and your brand while your technology takes care of the boring stuff.

Point of Sale Applications

These POS applications can download inventory from web-based applications and inputs it in local databases. These can easily be configured in a network. On top of this, multiple terminals can connect to single databases on central servers, making your end process less complicated and more secure.

Multi-channel and multi-location Restaurants can make good use of these well-designed POS apps. Nestack have a highly experienced team of qualified Delphi programmers helping numerous customers to develop effective products which range from simple databases to high-end networking-based server applications.

Platform: Delphi XE7
Database: MS SQL Server 2000
Operating System: Windows
Industry: Retail

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