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Nestack's expert Android developers ensure top-quality development with Agile practices and industry standards.

Android Development Android Development
Android Development

Android Ecosystem

Android is a leading mobile operating system with a complex ecosystem across diverse devices. Nestack's Android development service encompasses a deep understanding of this ecosystem, adhering to the best Android architecture standards. Our offshore app development team excels in creating maintainable and scalable Android apps for various platforms, including tablets, phones, Android TV, and Android Wear.

Why choose Nestack

Skilled and Certified Android Developers

The Android app developers at Nestack are highly skilled and fully certified. They follow Agile methodologies and implement best practices for Android development, ensuring enterprise-level solutions. Nestack's apps are tailored to meet each client's unique needs, offering a wide range of features to enhance mobile-ready business capabilities.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Nestack is dedicated to quality code, staying abreast of new trends and industry best practices. Our Android development team employs the MVP pattern to separate business logic from UI, making our apps highly testable and updatable. We utilize Retrofit and Moshi/Gson for networking, Dagger for dependency injection, and Mockito and AssertJ for effective testing.

Efficient and Readable Code

Outsourcing IT services to Nestack guarantees efficient code that leverages RxJava and Kotlin. This approach ensures easy readability and minimal verbosity, streamlining the development process.

Android development

Dedicated Offshore Android Developer

Nestack's offshore development center enhances your onshore team with custom Android development solutions and skilled professionals.

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